How to Commit to Your Personal Growth

 "Try not”.  “Do” or “do not.”  There is “no try."  Yoda, Star Wars

Achieving personal success means making a commitment that you WILL be successful.  Are You “TRYING” or are you committed to succeeding in your life?  This is all a part of transformation.

As I listen to many people, I hear them use the word “Try” numerous times.  However, most people are not aware of what this word means.  In my opinion, “TRY” is one of those empty words that creates and suggests feelings of lack and struggle.  Just notice how lazy the word “TRY” really is.  It means that you are NOT 100% committed to following through and doing anything.  So, many people are not even aware of what they are saying and doing when they use this non-committal word!  “Trying” represents an attitude that you are NOT devoted to achieving your dreams. 

In this state, you do not trust that an all-powerful Universe is supporting the manifestation of your every desire.  Every moment you “try,” the Universe responds accordingly with "almost" giving you what you want. The message the Universe (God) is hearing is that you are not sure of what you want!  You are giving it a half-hearted desire; therefore, it responds to you half-heartedly.  We must make our intention very clear if we are going to acquire personal success as well as financial freedom!  We simply cannot manifest anything until we eliminate the “trying” energy and replace it with the pure joy of “COMMITTING” to yourself, to others, and especially to the success of your own personal growth.

The truth is that you either “DO” something or you “DON’T”!  The word "trying" is empty because it means that you just have a thought about doing something.  However, you have made not made an inner commitment to actually move forward and manifest your desires.  Just to clarify what I mean–right now, you need to commit to picking up a pen and then “TRY” to drop it.  Don't actually drop it; just “try” to do it.   What happened?  It’s pretty frustrating experience, right?  That’s because there is no intention in allowing the pen to drop because you have not decided to drop it.  Instead, you are just “trying” to drop it.  This is what your life is like when you say, "I'll try to do: ________”

In implementing a healthy mindset, realize that in each moment, you have two choices: To either commit 100% to focusing on what you “DO” want in life OR to commit 100% to focusing on what you “DON”T want.  To “TRY” to focus on what you “do” want, or “don't” want is actually just saying that you are NOT willing to be responsible for the results you desire. Instead you are taking the easy way out by not being willing to make a commitment. 

Now, I am not saying that I myself have reached perfection in what I am saying.  There are many times when I don't give it my all although I do have the ability.  Therefore, even though I want to achieve more personal growth and transformation, I don't always play full out.

Making a commitment to your “personal growth success plan,” to yourself, to others, and to your future success is extremely powerful because it sends out a message to the Universe that you are truly sincere about manifesting your intention!  This vibration is then felt by the Universe who in turn supports you in making your desire or goal manifest in the physical world.  Remember that the Universe needs clarity of intention to support you in manifesting your desires.  If you send out “wishy- washy” energy in the form of "trying" you will just get back “wishy washy” results. 

Therefore, it is so important to embrace a new way of “being” which is one where you make commitments to what you want to “do” to manifest a goal; instead of just "trying" to make it manifest.  One powerful success step in stopping the “trying” game is to eliminate the word “try” and its attitude from your vocabulary and your emotional body.  Notice your body, your mind, and your intention when you tend to use the words “I’ll try.”  These are the weak links in your manifesting vibration.  Remember that the more you use “try”, the lower your vibration gets.  

Personal Growth Action Steps:   


1.  Stop saying the words, “I’ll try” for just one week, and you will see a HUGE shift in your manifesting abilities.  Always replace “I’ll try” with empowering statements like: “I am committed to”, “I am going to,” or “I get to,” “I choose to make this commitment.”  How does it feel to eliminate the words “I’ll try” and make these new strong commitments to yourself?  The simple practice of stating HOW you are committed to doing something instead of using the word "try"  will instill you with a higher level of self-confidence and will support you in accomplishing more of what you set out to do! 

2.  Another success tip is that also, do NOT allow others (whether they are your family, friends or colleagues) to speak their intentions in this weak “TRY” manner.  You need to be strong enough to point out this error to them and give them some constructive feedback.  You need to be strong for them.  Too many people don't understand the power of the words they declare to the Universe.   It is your responsibility to not allow people to use this language if they want to be successful in taking responsibility for your own personal growth. These keys to your personal success are very powerful and will transform your life.





8 thoughts on “How to Commit to Your Personal Growth

  1. Jill Taylor says:

    Oooh, Rose, I loved your Yoda, Star Wars comment! Your article is excellent – an important topic. I especially liked the analogy you gave of dropping the pen and how you said there is no intention in dropping the pen because you have not decided to drop it…. and this is what your life is like when you say, l try to…

  2. Sue Graber says:

    So true, Rose….You either commit to do something or you don't…"TRYING" is not giving it your all…not being committed.  Definitely needed to be reminded of this today!  

  3. Annie Berryhill says:

    I love this! In fact, I live this especially with my clients! There are times when something seems impossible or harder than something they have accomplished and I always here "I'll Try". I tell them that they are not going to try, they are going to give it there very best effort, visualize success and be ok with the outcome!
    I use Yoda's quote all the time! Great topic, timely post!

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