Changes That Occur Through Life’s Transitions

Change is something that most people resist. We want to change, make changes in our lives, and we certainly want our lives to be different.  However, most people are still in resistance to it although they say that they want things to be different in their lives. Therefore, we must make a decision that we really do want to change and allow ourselves the freedom to fail as we go through the transition zone of the changes that must happen as we move forward.

I have to be very honest because I have been in resistance to starting this project with WordPress; simply, because I had a very painful experience of losing two blogs with hundreds of articles and blog posts on it. However, I have finally worked through that upset and decided to get started and “change through this transition”.

At the same time as we're pushing to make changes it’s also important that you take care of yourself as you make these changes. You'll be most likely to succeed if you nurture yourself through this time of transition.  Whenever we go through change, we must also go through a transition zone, and it's not easy. Our thoughts, beliefs, and habits are all in turmoil.  We feel excitement and fear at the same time because it’s something new.  Therefore, it can create a sense of not feeling grounded, of being in a void of not knowing, and having feelings of discomfort, which can be very uncomfortable.

It's very important to recognize when we are in transition because it helps us persevere until the change is complete. Be aware that you are in an uneasy place, that it’s okay, and that you already have everything you need within you to handle these changes. So, just be with it, absorb it, identify with it, integrate it, and just allow it to flow.  Letting go of resistance to the change that is happening within you will make things easier on yourself.

Don't allow yourself to react to the confusion and to be triggered by past emotions.  It’s part of the process because it means that change is happening within you.

Change requires a letting go, to trust that there is a second and third base, and that you can make it there. It's about trusting yourself and God and the universal laws to unfold a new reality for you. It's knowing that your vision and prayers are coming true.

If you feel you are in this fog or transition zone, just be there, and identify with it. However, you must be careful to not overreact to situations. Keep your focus on the results you want. Stay open to the opportunity for this transition to happen to you and FOR you.  Celebrate the newness that is coming into your life, the vision you have for your future, and the number of people that will be impacted by the inner change you are experiencing.

It’s very true that WHEN we change; everything and everybody around us changes.  Therefore, everybody will benefit from your commitment to change through the transitions in the long-run; simply, because you have decided to change the course of your life by making a change in your life.   There are many benefits that will happen because of your decision to change such as financial stability for you and your family and the self-confidence that comes when you know that you have chosen a new path for yourself.

"Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life." — Herbert A.

6 thoughts on “Changes That Occur Through Life’s Transitions

  1. Carol Giambri says:

    Rose, great post. Regardless if we love or hate change it\’s not stopping the world around us. I went from the days of remembering the clunky heavy computers sitting on my desk to now a tiny laptop or even my IPOD Touch for getting online. I don\’t own Iphone so can\’t brag on that yet, but coming. So change happens. I just like to choose the change I am ready for–sometimes I just have to accept it without having a voice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sue Graber says:

    Great post, Rose. Change definitely does not come easy. I know I want the results of the change more than I do “wanting to change myself”! It is true that past emotions can get in our way and pull us down. Anxious to read more!

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