Whether it's Growing Through Your Life Crisis ,  trying to Survive a Major Life Crisis or you want  Strategies to Grow Through a Personal Life Crisis, you have found the right place to start. My name is Rose and I am here to help you get over the hurdles of your past or present crisis.

Changes That Occur Through Life’s Transitions

Don’t allow yourself to react to the confusion and to be triggered by past emotions.  It’s part of the process because it means that change is happening within you.

Change requires a letting go, to trust that there is a second and third base, and that you can make it there. It’s about trusting yourself and God and the universal laws to unfold a new reality for you. It’s knowing that your vision and prayers are coming true.

If you feel you are in this fog or transition zone, just be there, and identify with it. However, you must be careful to not overreact to situations. Keep your focus on the results you want. Stay open to the opportunity for this transition to happen to you and FOR you.  Celebrate the newness that is coming into your life, the vision you have for your future, and the number of people that will be impacted by the inner change you are experiencing. 

It’s very true that WHEN we change; everything and everybody around us changes.  Therefore, everybody will benefit from your commitment to change through the transitions in the long-run; simply, because you have decided to change the course of your life by making a change in your life.  There are many benefits that will happen because of your decision to change such as financial stability for you and your family and the self-confidence that comes when you know that you have chosen a new path for yourself.  

“Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.” — Herbert A. Otto